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BGC Dawson offers extensive music programming throughout the year for a wide range of age groups, musical abilities and technical skills. The music lessons and material offered are flexible to both the needs and interests of the student. Each program emphasizes the importance and utility of technique, rhythm, music theory, ear training, and most importantly, creativity.


The overall goal is to impart a greater understanding and appreciation of music and playing a musical instruments, both alone and in a group. Ideally students will reach a level of competence and confidence which will allow them continue their pursuit of music, be it through formal lessons or auto didactic study.

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Current Programming

Girl playing a keyboard

Individual Lessons

One-on-one lessons with children on an instrument of their choice. This allows students to receive focused attention and instruction to improve their playing. Instruments currently offered are Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Keyboard.

Boys in Guitar Class

Group Lessons

In group lessons, children who have reached a level of skill on their instruments are given the opportunity to play music with others and learn to function within an ensemble.



We offer virtual activities in addition to in-person instruction! 

For current virtual program offerings, visit our registration platform Amilia. 

*These activities are FREE with Membership. Dawson will lend guitars to participants*

Future Program Goals

Future Virtual Programming

Future iterations of virtual programming will ideally work with slightly smaller groups of students (between 2 and 4) and cover more specific musical aspects which are potential students are interested in. For example, offering classes on instruments other than guitar (like bass or percussion), or running a program specifically designs to reach musical composition, ear training, or theory. By providing different lessons to cater to specific interests of the students.

Other Programs

Teens Program: Individual and Group Lessons 

Parents and Tots: Music Appreciation, Rudimental Rhythmic Recognition and Preliminary Introduction to Diatonic Melodies

Seniors: Group Guitar Lessons, Choir 

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