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Gift Catalogue

Give a Gift with Special Meaning

BGC Dawson is fortunate to be a part of a tight-knit community full of generous people who donate their time and resources to help make our day-to day programming possible.


Simply browse our Gift Catalogue, choose a gift, and complete the short form. If you are making a gift in memory of or in honor of someone special, we can send a personalized card notifying them of the donation.


When you pay tribute to your friend or loved one with a gift to BGC Dawson, you help build a stronger and brighter future for children, youth, families and seniors in our community.

Parents and Tots

Program Equipment for our Postnatal Group


can help buy Ray-L chairs for participants to recline safely and comfortably!

Child in Tots Room

Art Materials


will buy paint, brushes, paper, accessories and much, much more!

Child playing with blocks

Gross Motor Equipment


can help buy necessary items such as tables to keep our program easily accessible and comfortable for all participants. 


Fine Motor Equipment


can help buy a set of 6 foam balls to assist in building dexterity through play!

Children Ages 4-12

Send a Kid to Camp for the Week


can provide a youth access to the wide range of activities and experiences offered at Dawson and empower them to get out of their comfort zone and learn something new.

Kids in after school art program

Send a Kid to the After School Program for The Year


can provide a youth the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe and supportive environment. They can explore their interests, gain new skills all while making lasting friendships!

Kid playing in gymnasium

Program Equipment


can buy sports balls, a foosball table, board games, cards, mats, books and more!

Art Supplies


will buy paint, brushes, paper, accessories and so much more!

Paper making craft

Science Program


once a week for 5 weeks a group of 10 children will experience a hands on science activity.


Child eating a snack

Provide Snacks for Youth


will provide snacks for 25 youth.

One Month Transportation for a Youth


will provide a one-month public transportation pass for a youth.

Give the Gift of Post-Secondary Education


will enable 4 youth to apply to a post-secondary institution.

Youth doing homework

Seniors 50+

Provide Sports Equipment for Seniors


will provide new sports equipment for our open gym.

Help Fund a Health and Wellness Workshop


will cover the costs for one health/wellness workshop.

Social Support for Seniors


will provide four hours of individual support for seniors.

Food and Sustainability

Herb Plants

Plant Seeds


supplies seeds to grow for our urban agriculture programs.

Supply Ingredients for Members' Snacks


buys 10kg of flour so we can bake delicious snacks for our members.

Child in a cooking class

Supply Ingredients for Kid Food Nation


provides the ingredients for one Kid Food Nation cooking class.


Guitar Playing

Individual Music Lessons


will provide individual music lessons for three children.

New Guitars for Music Program


will provide a new guitar for our music program.

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