Verdun Market Basket
Panier du Marché Verdunois

We offer affordable baskets of assorted fruits and veggies to help lower your grocery bill without sacrificing nutritious, delicious whole foods.

We sell frozen meals at affordable prices during the pick-up window at BGC Dawson. 

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Nous offrons des paniers de fruits et légumes assortis à des prix abordables pour vous aider à réduire la facture d'épicerie sans sacrifier des aliments nutritifs et délicieux.

Nous vendons des plats cuisinés surgelés à des prix abordables pendant le ramassage  à BGC Dawson.

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General Public / Le Public Général 

Ordering opens Thursdsay at 9 am, and closes by Monday at 9 am, for pick-up at the following locations / times:

  1. Tuesday 17:00 - 18:00: BGC Dawson Community Centre 666 Woodland

  2. Wednesday 10:00 - 12:00: BGC Dawson Community Centre 666 Woodland

  3. Wednesday 14:00 - 15:00: Epiphanie Church 4322 wellington (1 minute walk from De l'eglise metro)


Le temps de commander commence le jeudi à 9h et termine le lundi à 9h, pour ramasser aux endroits indiqués ci-dessous:

  1. Mardi 17:00 - 18:00: Centre Communautaire BGC Dawson 666 Woodland

  2. Mercredi 10:00 - 12:00: Centre Communautaire BGC Dawson 666 Woodland

  3. Mercredi 14:00 - 15:00: L'eglise Epiphanie 4322 wellington (1 minute à pied du metro l'eglise)

Delivery for Verdun HLM residents
Livraison pour les des HLMs Verdunoises

We offer Delivery to select HLMs of Verdun. We deliver Thursday morning from 9-12 am to your door. Continue with your purchase, select your HLM as the pickup location and enter your apartment number. If you cannot receive your delivery between 9-12 on Thursday, we can leave the basket at your doorstep. Otherwise, please refer to the general pickup locations and times.


Nous offrons la livraison a quelques HLMs Verdunoises. Nous livrons le jeudi matin de 9h à 12h à votre porte. Passez votre commande et indiquez votre HLM et votre numéro d'appartement. Si vous ne pouvez pas recevoir votre livraison entre 9h et 12h le jeudi, nous pouvons laisser le panier à votre porte. Sinon, veuillez vous référer aux lieux et heures de ramassage généraux.


Where and when can I purchase ♻ Frozen meals ♻ 

Our chefs and volunteers make delicious and healthy meals from food that is recuperated from grocery stores♻. They are individually portioned and are Pay-what-you-can (we suggest 3-6$). You can purchase meals during the above listed pickup windows at BGC Dawson, paying with card or cash. Tourtieres, thai curries, beyond chicken parmesans, borscht, and lasagna are some examples of the dishes available. Proceeds go towards supporting our food security initiatives, and help to support a greener circular economy.  

What is the Panier du Marché Verdunois /Verdun Market Basket?

In 2018, the DRSP put out a call to action to respond to the inequality in access to healthy and affordable fruits and veggies here in Montreal. Our goal is to make fruits and veggies more accessible for Montrealers. Through offering different sized baskets of nutritious fruits and veggies at affordable prices, we save you time and money feeding yourself or your family. We are a not-for-profit project running out of a not-for-profit community centre, BGC Dawson in Verdun. 

How does it work?

We cut out the retailer and purchase directly from a wholesaler who specialises in locally grown (when in season) produce. Purchasing in bulk from a wholesaler allows us to offer prices that are cheaper than typical retailers. We charge a 10% markup to cover our operating costs, with no-profit margin. Produce markups in retail average between 50-75%.  By pooling our resources and purchasing directly from the wholesaler, we leverage our group purchasing power. Our food boxes contain the maximum produce possible for the price.

What will you find in your  Panier du Marché Verdunois?

The selection of fruits and veggies will vary week to week according to availability and wholesale costs. One way we keep our prices low is by picking the produce for you. We cannot accommodate special requests of box content, (unless you indicate a specific allergy). Some factors that influence our selection are: Season / Nutrition / local / Affordability. 

This is an evolving project. Thank you for your support and interest. Please let me know how I can improve the project by emailing or leaving a message at 514.767.9967 ext. 235.